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Can a Woman Over 50 Magically Recreate Herself?

The answer is yes—and she must, says clinical psychologist Cecilia Dintino. As a psychologist, I have been dealing with change in women’s lives for decades. Recently, I noticed that the process can be a bit more challenging for women over 50, myself included. The other day I was sitting in a session with Lucy,* a woman in...

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How to Build a Future with New Potential

Karen sits in my office pounding her fist on the arm of her chair.  “This is not where my life was supposed to go.  It’s too late for me to do anything new.  I made some bad choices, in career and relationships, and at my age, there’s nothing out there for me.”

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How to Build a Midlife Worth Living

For years I have been teaching and coaching clients to use certain skills during painful times. Lately I've been teaching the skills to middle-aged women. Dialectical Behavior Therapy—DBT—is a solution-focused, active treatment with the overarching goal to build a life worth living.

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Attention Women Over 50: Something’s Happening

Have you noticed? Everywhere you look, women, in particular older women, are starting to assert themselves, achieve power, apply their well-earned wisdom and take on positions of leadership. It’s happening in politics. It’s happening in business. And it’s probably happening in your very own community. What about you? Do you have a powerful woman inside...

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In search of my New Year’s Resolution

I hate making New Year’s resolutions. The minute I start thinking about making resolutions my internal voice begins chiming in with a litany of negative things I “should” be focused on. “You are too fat.” “You are too stressed.” “You are so disorganized.” Contemplating all my shortcomings makes me want to get into bed and...

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How To Turn Painful Emotions Into Superpowers

When Maura was told that her job was in jeopardy she immediately ran out of the office, through the hallway, into the elevator and out to her car. She called me as she was driving, 80 miles an hour, banging on the horn and yelling obscenities to everyone who came into her path. “I can’t...

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The Best Way to Get Through

Has it ever happened that you find yourself, figuratively or literally, banging your fists, head and body against a wall, a wall with a sign that reads: It’s not supposed to be this way? While you bang on the wall, you hear yourself proclaim: “I can’t take this.” You are suffering. You resist reality. When...

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How To Defy Ageism

Here are a few imagined plot twists for older women. Marta was awarded her silk robe on her 80th birthday. She decided her new name would be Supreme Listening One. She has honed the skill of listening well beyond the expertise of others. She listens better than the best psychotherapist. People say that she listens...

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How To Come Alive in Midlife

Autopilot is death. Choose where to invest your energy, and do so intentionally, because the clearest path to a robust life is purposeful engagement. ~ Barbara Bradley Hagerty in Life Reimagined: The Science, Art and Opportunity of Midlife. Dialectical Behavior Therapy, (DBT) created by Marsha Linehan, offers skills to build a life worth living. Lately,...

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Can Improvisation Change Your Life?

Ellie sat in the therapy chair across from me and repeated things she had said many times before. “I am not good enough.” “I am not smart enough.” “I don’t know what to do.” “I feel hopeless.” The energy was draining from the room. We were both stifling yawns. Ellie wanted change. She felt trapped in a body and identity that she judged and couldn’t abide. Out...

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Self-Reinvention: Ursula Le Guin And The Role of Fantasy

All of us have to learn how to invent our lives, make them up, imagine them. We need to be taught these skills; we need guides to show us how. If we don’t, our lives get made up for us by other people. ~Ursula K. Le Guin Novelist Ursula Le Guin recently passed on. But...

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When Change Comes to You, Look Up

The leaves have fallen, snow covers the gray earth, and a new year takes the reins. Can we talk about impermanence? I know we don’t want to. We’d rather live like we are in control. But lets get real for a moment. Just like in the physical universe, all in our human world tends towards...

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