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Can Improvisation Change Your Life?

Ellie sat in the therapy chair across from me and repeated things she had said many times before. “I am not good enough.” “I am not smart enough.” “I don’t know what to do.” “I feel hopeless.” The energy was draining from the room. We were both stifling yawns. Ellie wanted change. She felt trapped in a body and identity that she judged and couldn’t abide. Out...

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Self-Reinvention: Ursula Le Guin And The Role of Fantasy

All of us have to learn how to invent our lives, make them up, imagine them. We need to be taught these skills; we need guides to show us how. If we don’t, our lives get made up for us by other people. ~Ursula K. Le Guin Novelist Ursula Le Guin recently passed on. But...

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When Change Comes to You, Look Up

The leaves have fallen, snow covers the gray earth, and a new year takes the reins. Can we talk about impermanence? I know we don’t want to. We’d rather live like we are in control. But lets get real for a moment. Just like in the physical universe, all in our human world tends towards...

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This Holiday, Create Gratitude

I do not at all understand the mystery of grace — only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us. Anne Lamott So many of my clients tell me that gratitude, used as a skill for wellbeing, is not helpful. They try to keep a gratitude journal, but when they...

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Re-Story From the Middle: The Ongoingness of Being

Hello, women over fifty, here are a couple of questions for you. Who are you? Where have you been? What is your story? Ok, now take a breath, and think again. Other thoughts? What is the re-story? The truth is, our stories are continuously evolving with each moment. When you are sitting in the middle...

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My Menopausal Ritual

I used to scream at my family, curse my condition and pop four Advil. Then I decided I needed more. Somehow all the aggravation had to be worthy of closer consideration. Most major life cycle passages are joined with a ritual. The passage into adolescence is paired with a bat-mitzvah or confirmation, graduation from high...

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The Art of Change

Most of us have a complicated relationship with change. We spend much of our lives dreaming of it, struggling to make it and terrified of it. The problem is, change is inevitable. Whether it is our bodies, our relationships, or our dreams, we are always in a process of change. Yet, many of us spend...

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Manifesto for Change: A Midlife Creed for Women

Sometimes, change feels like a battleground that we have been thrown into without armor or plan. Change can feel like the enemy, wreaking havoc on our expectations. Other times change is a victory to strive for, and we make it our mission to overcome the status quo. But even these battles can be daunting and...

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The Lure of Complacency

People told me “You will know when you are ready for joint replacement” I need both of my knees and my hip replaced.  I have osteoarthritis that I think I inherited from my mother. It probably started about fifteen years ago but the truth is I don’t really know. Fifteen years ago, I was taking...

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How to be Erotic After 50

What turns me on? I asked myself that recently. And holy shit, I drew a blank. I had just read a staggering essay by Audre Lorde pronouncing the erotic as a source of power. And I wanted to summon this power within myself. I looked for the erotic space in my mind. But my mind...

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Instead of Aging, Be a Work of Art

What would you say if I asked you to consider yourself a work of art? Could you have fun with this notion? Can you get your creative juices flowing around the possibility? Or have I already lost you? I don’t know when I decided to consider myself a work of art. Perhaps it was after...

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Flourish in the Sunny Noon of Life

Combine Women’s History Month with Twisting the Plot for a good dose of insight and inspiration. Twisting the Plot is a platform for women in their 50s to explore creative ways to live their lives. One approach is to uncover examples of women who lived their later years creatively. Margaret Fuller (1810-1850), one of hundreds...

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