Each week Dr. Cecilia Dintino and Psychotherapist Hannah Murray Starobin will speak with women who have twisted their plots and discovered that life after 50 can be filled with imagination, inspiration, laughter, and endless possibilities.

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 October 22, 2019 | 49 mins

#48: What Can Only You Do? Finding purpose with Indrani Goradia.

This week we sat down with a true powerhouse, Indrani Goradia.  Indrani is a philanthropist and advocate for women’s health and empowerment.  As a victim of severe childhood abuse, she created Indrani’s Light Foundation, an organization committed to caring for survivors of domestic violence.  Her mission is to stop generational abuse and empower women to change their lives.  With her warmth, humor and honesty, Indrani shares with us how shefelt lost and unsure of her purpose in midlife when she was asked a simple question:  “What can only you do?”  This question and her answer startedher on a path that includes a TED Talk, a partnership with the global health organization PSI, an address to the World Women’s Health and Development Forum at the United Nations and a life filled with meaningful direction.



Talk Indrani Goradia addresses the United Nations


 October 15, 2019 | 62 mins

#47: Twisted Family Values with V.C. Chickering

This week we sat down with a real twister, V.C. Chickering.  She is the author of Twisted Family Values, a novel that spans fifty years and four generations, spinning a tale of privilege, dysfunction, family ties, and social taboo.  In V.C.’s books, and in her life, there are more than a few plot twists.  V.C. talks about the many roles she has played throughout her own life and shares how creativity and play have always been her main guides.  You don’t grow up in a home with a rotating mirror ball over the dining room table and not know how to play.  



“Twisted Family Values” by V.C. Chickering on Amazon

“Nookietown” by V.C. Chickering on Amazon


More V.C. Chickering:


V.C. Chickering on Facebook

V.C. Chickering on Instagram

V.C. Chickering on Twitter


Tori Erstwhile & The Montys:

Tori Erstwhile & The Montys on Youtube 

Tori Erstwhile & The Montys on Facebook  




 October 8, 2019 |  52 mins

#46:Tales from the Road with Betty Buckley

On this week’s Twisting the Plot podcast, we chat with the “Voice of Broadway.”  Betty Buckley, award-winning actress, with a decades-long career that has encompasses TV, film, stage, and concert work around the globetalks to us about her many plot twists. Betty sat down with us during the final week of a year tour as Dolly Levi in Hello, Dolly! We discuss the hard work, discipline and absolute delight she experiences when reaching deep and bringing to life new roles for the stage and screen.  As an actress, Betty is always twisting her plot, her voice, her body and her point of view.  As a woman she is relentless in her mission to keep evolving and growing.  Betty has released 16 solo albums and will be performing with her quartet in Costa Mesa and Beverly Hills this fall. She can currently be seen in the hit TV series “Preacher. We are so thrilled to share her wise musings with you.


See Betty live in concert at:

The Segerstrom Center of The Performing Arts in The Samuel Theatre Costa Mesa, CA. Featuring musical direction by Christian Jacob and a quartet of gifted musicians.
Oct. 17, 18 & 19 


The Saban Theatre Beverly Hill, CA. with an opening set by the brilliant Saxophonist Tom Scott. Featuring Musical Direction by Christian Jacob and a quartet of gifted musicians.

November 2.




 October 1, 2019 |  45 mins

#45: Jenny Velarde: Artist as Guide

Meet Jenny Velarde.  In her own words, she is a psychotherapist, and just as importantly, an artist.  According to Jenny, art isn’t a luxury, but both the means to survive and also to thrive. With Artist as Guide, Jenny offers us a toolbox of wisdom, practical application, and the opportunity to be the creator of our own potential.  



 September 24, 2019 |  39 mins

#44: Living in Two Worlds: with Dr. Michal Seligman

What happens when you don’t twist your plot, even in small ways?  Israeli-American Psychologist Michal Seligman talks about the influence of community on how we experience life and aging. We learn how immersion in another culture increases our flexibility and provides us with a deeper understanding of ourselves.



 September 17, 2019 |  55 mins

#43:Meaningful Communication Matters: Life lessons from La-Verna Fountain

“Underneath the communication is our place of connection.”  Listen to the unfolding story of La-Verna Fountain as she describes a lifetime of walking through doors and facing the challenges that greet her.  A black girl from a small town in rural Pennsylvania, La-Verna moves into a career of politics and embraces her life’s purpose. As founder and president of Meaningful Communication Matters, La-Verna makes it her business and her mission to help us all listen, really listen, and connect with one another.




 September 10, 2019 |  31 mins

#42: Magnificent Midlife with Rachel Lankester

She’s bashing negative stereotypes and helping us rethink what a postmenopausal woman can be and do.  We speak with Rachel Lankester, our plot-twisting sister from London. Rachel shares her story, discusses her beliefs and proclaims her mission to transform the way we approach aging and menopause.   




 August 6, 2019 |  36 mins

#41: The Gift of Aging:  It’s Now or Never.  A talk with Sonja Martineau

“I am not brave, I am doing what I must.” Hear Sonja’s story about how she is going after what she wants, including getting her BA at age 61.  It’s not easy.  There are many obstacles.  But “everything changes,” and so must she.


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 July 30, 2019 |  51 mins

#40: Understanding Intersectionality.  A lesson with Britton Williams.

What is Intersectionality? And why is it important?  We learn from Britton Williams about social-cultural identity, biases and how our multiple identities influence the way we age.  Britton is an educator, a creative arts therapist and a writer.  She is willing to enter these conversations with openness and curiosity.  She is also a wonderful storyteller.  So much fun, and so much wisdom.   Enjoy.


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 July 23, 2019 |  28 mins

#39: Changing Careers with Nicole Fanelli-Burke

Meet Nicole Fanelli-Burke, a self-described “Career Changer” and mother of three. Nicole tells us the story of waking up at 50 with the realization that she had “no more time to complain or wait” for what she wanted. Faced with many obstacles, Nicole shares how she has learned to move forward one step at a time. 


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 July 16, 2019 |  36 mins

#38: Renaissance Man a conversation with John-Richard Thompson

He’s traveled from Asia to South America.  He’s written books, plays and short stories.   He’s a life long learner.  Now his plot’s been twisted by an unexpected turn.  For all you who have asked “what about men and twisting the plot,” we bring you John-Richard Thompson. 


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 July 9, 2019 |  33 mins

#37: When Menopause Hits You Like a Brick Wall (and changes everything)

Listen to health and wellness coach Diana Bishop share how she let menopause be the catalyst to change her relationship with her body, her connections with others, and her sense of self.  “Let’s go,” she says to all of us, “our past can be our doom or provide us with the tools to learn and serve others.”  



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 July 2, 2019 |  31 mins

#36: Set Your Soul on Fire, with change maker Shae Sterrett

What do you get when you have twenty years of corporate experience combined with training in the Eastern arts of yoga, meditation and mindfulness?  You get Shae Sterrett, healer, community builder, and change maker.  Business. Body. Life. Made Better is her slogan.  



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 June 25, 2019 |  41 mins

#35: “She’s the Master of Disaster” with Deb Yeager

When hurricanes, tornados, and fires strike, hospitals, schools, and public facilities have to be ready. Deb Yeager has made a career helping organizations prepare for the unexpected disaster.  Now she has to prepare for her own unexpected twist.



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 June 18, 2019 |  46 mins

#34: What Women Want with Founder and CEO, Judy Goss

Cecilia and Hannah speak with Judy Goss, Founder and CEO of What Women Want Networking about her journey from Editor at More Magazine to creating a women’s networking organization.



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 June 11, 2019 |  39 mins

#33: Wisdom from the Middle with actress Lauri Landry

Cecilia and Hannah speak with actress Lauri Landry about what she has learned while in the “Belly of the beast” including to “let go and let angels catch you” and the importance of listening to yourself. 

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 June 6, 2019 |  9 mins

#32: Own Your Story Part 4: The Biology Of Story

Hannah and Cecilia talk about how our brains release cortisol and oxytocin into our bodies when we listen to and tell stories.  We are biologically wired for storytelling…..and drama.

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 June 4, 2019 |  34 mins

#31: Everyone Has a Story to Tell with Nancy Kessler, Founder of Memoirs Plus

Hannah and Cecilia speak with Nancy Kessler, Founder of Memoirs Plus, about the importance of exploring your own story through the process of writing a memoir.



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 May 30, 2019 |  11 mins

#30: Own Your Story Part 3: The Crisis in the Middle

Cecilia and Hannah discuss how transitions, the creative process, and all stories have a middle.  And the middle is hard.

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 May 28, 2019 |  29 mins

#29: Positive Psychology, what research tells us about happiness and well-being with Emiliya Zhivotovskaya MAPP, PCC, ERYT

Cecilia and Hannah speak with Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, Founder and CEO of The Flourishing Center. Emiliya discusses how research in positive psychology provides a blueprint for increased happiness and well-being through purpose, connection and vitality.



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 May 23, 2019 |  12 mins

#28: Own your story 2: Complexity and Nuance

Hannah and Cecilia talk about the value of adding complexity to our stories.  Black and white stories may be easier and simple, but they don’t help us be resilient and live our lives fully.  There is no single feeling, there is no single interpretation, there is no single story.


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 May 21, 2019 |  27 mins

#27: No White Lies:  The easiest tough conversation you’ll ever have with Stephanie Omens, LCAT, LPC, RDT-BCT, 

Cecilia and Hannah speak with Stephanie Omens, an innovative psychotherapist who helps families convey difficult information to children of all ages.  Stephanie is the creator of NoWhiteLies: a therapeutic approach that uses captivating and unique stories to help children, parents, and grandparents understand catastrophe, and heal from loss and pain.



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 May 16, 2019 |  16 mins

#26: Own Your Story Part 1: A Life Review

Hannah and Cecilia discuss the value of reviewing your life so far.  We can’t change what happened, but we can see our experiences from a new lens.  Discover the possibilities of who you have already been, and get excited about who you can be next.  

Get a spot in our all day workshop Know Your Story, Own Your Story, past, present and future.  June 15th 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  NYC


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 May 14, 2019 |  36 mins

#25: The Formidable Claire Jolly.  We talk with the millennial artist about battling depression and her avatars for mental wellness.

Hannah and Cecilia speak with Claire Jolly, who just turned 29 and has found ways to overcome crippling depression and start to looking forward to her future.  Her secret weapon?   Art.  Claire explains how the process of making art helps her move through darkness.  She also tells (and shows) us her collection of mini sculptures that she calls The Formidables, avatars that personify the wise mind.



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 May 7, 2019 |  30 mins

#24: The Age Buster, a global perspective on aging with Stefania Medetti, Italian journalist and sociologist

Hannah and Cecilia speak with journalist Stefania Medetti, who moved to Thailand and discovered the surprising value of shifting one’s perspective.  It led her to create the fast-growing online magazine The Age Buster.


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 Apr 30, 2019 |  42 mins

#23: When Trauma is The Story, considering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Dr. Hadar Lubin

Cecilia and Hannah speak with psychiatrist Dr. Hadar Lubin about her decades of work on the conceptualization and treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dr. Lubin is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine, and Co-Director of the Post Traumatic Stress Center in New Haven CT.

Trauma-Centered Group Psychotherapy for Women: A Clinician’s Manual by Hadar Lubin and David Read Johnson

Principles and Techniques of Trauma-centered Psychotherapy by David Johnson, Ph.D. and Hadar Lubin, M.D.


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 Apr 23, 2019 |  47 mins

#22: Becoming a Work of Art with artist Lisa Abzun

Hannah and Cecilia speak with artist Lisa Abzun about being an artist, a community activist, and her decision to become a physical work of art.

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 Apr 15, 2019 |  40 mins

#21: Embeautyment.  What is your beauty narrative?

Hannah and Cecilia speak with Nicole Cichocki – hair stylist, consultant, coach, and creator of the Embeautyment Method which integrates wellness and beauty. The Embeautyment Method is changing the philosophy and practice of beauty.


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 Apr 11, 2019 |  10 mins

#20: Who Are You Becoming Part 4

The Obstacle is the Story. Turn your obstacles into strategies and let them be the map that guides you to your future self. 

 Join us on April 13th in NYC for our Workshop Who Are You Becoming. 

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 Apr 8, 2019 |  43 mins

#19: My Future Self

with Mia Szarvas

By changing how we see life over 50, we are paving the way for future generations of women. In this episode, Cecilia and Hannah speak with Mia Szarvas – an activist, artist, and millennial. Mia shares how imagining and falling in love with her future self at age 55 has changed her outlook on life and her future.

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 Apr 4, 2019 |  10 mins

#18: Who Are You Becoming Part 3

Yes, and… We ponder about the value of improvisation.  The craft of living without a script comes in handy after 50.  Improv builds the muscles to deal with uncertainty.  

 Join us on April 13th in NYC for our Workshop Who Are You Becoming. 

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 Apr 1, 2019 |  25 mins

#17: The Power of Shared Storytelling 

with Vera Trifunovish

Vera Trifunovich, Founder and President of Bare Breasted Against Breast Cancer, shares how her breast cancer diagnosis, the support she received, and her training as a Drama Therapist lead to the creation of Bare Breasted Against Breast Cancer.


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 Mar 28, 2019 |  10 mins

#16: Who Are You Becoming Part 2

Imagine this…and this…join us for a chat about the value of play and the imagination.  What is it? And why is it important for our future becoming? Plus, it’s “wicked fun.”

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 Mar 26, 2019 |   42 mins

#15: Open a New Window

with Carol Lucha Burns

It’s a blessing to have a mentor and role model who guides, encourages, and supports one in life. On this week’s podcast, Hannah and Cecilia speak with Carol Lucha Burns, their mentor, role model, and dear friend of over 40 years.

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 Mar 20, 2019 |  11 mins

#14: Who Are You Becoming Part 1: Fall in Love with Your Future Self

Wouldn’t it be great to love who you are becoming? Join us on April 13th in NYC for our Workshop Who Are You Becoming. 

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 Mar 19, 2019 |  32 mins

#13: Let’s Be Part of the Conversation

with Beth Granger

Women over 50 have lots to say and we need to be part of the conversation. Cecilia and Hannah speak with LinkedIn, Social Sales and Social Media Consultant Beth Granger about how to engage in social media and join in the conversation.

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 Mar 12, 2019 |  37 mins

#12: When Getting Old is Your Goal 

with Kim Galway

How would your thoughts about aging change if you were told that you might not grow old?  Hannah and Cecilia speak with Kim Galway about facing a life changing diagnosis and the importance of writing your own script on how to live your life.

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 Mar 6, 2019 |  12 mins

#11: Twist Your Mindset Part 4: The Psychology of Possibility 

Cecilia and Hannah discuss Ellen Langer’s 1979 ground breaking study which looked at “opening our minds to what’s possible, instead of presuming impossibility,” and was the basis for her book Counter Clockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility.

Dr. Ellen Langer is a Social Psychologist and professor at Harvard University. She is the author of eleven books and numerous research articles. She has written extensively on the illusion of control, mindful aging, stress decision-making, and health. 

Join us on March 9th in NYC for our Workshop Twist Your Mindset

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 Mar 5, 2019 |  42 mins

#10: Managing Your Emotions

with Erin Olivo, Ph.D

Emotions can overwhelm us and become the stumbling block to reaching our goals. Cecilia and Hannah speak with Dr. Erin Olivo, author of Wise Mind Living, about learning to manage the varied and intense emotions that come with life over 50.

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 Feb 27, 2019 |  12 mins

#9: Twist Your Mindset Part 4: Let’s Grow Together

True potential can never be known. Learn how creating a growth mindset persona will help you challenge yourself.  Embrace the not yet.  Join us on March 9th in NYC for our Workshop Twist Your Mindset

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 Feb 25, 2019 |  38 mins

#8: Old Friends, New Beginnings

with Suzanne Cornelius

Hannah and Cecilia talk with their long-time friend Suzanne Cornelius (whose nickname is Sza) about finding love and starting a new life after 50.

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 Feb 20, 2019 |   16 mins

#7: Twist Your Mindset Part 3: Meet Your Fixed Persona

The first step to twisting your mindset is to get familiar with your fixed thoughts.  Who is your fixed mindset persona? Join us on March 9th in NYC for our Workshop Twist Your Mindset

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 Feb 18, 2019 |  41 Mins

#6: Paris Days 

with Jane Emmer

Hannah and Cecilia speak with Jane Emmer, wife, mother, and passionate educator who specializes in working with children with diverse challenges. Jane shares how a trip to Paris helped her survive tragedy and loss.

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 Feb 13, 2019 |   14 mins

#5: Twist Your Mindset Part 2: Evolve with Curiosity

A fixed mindset is all about outcome.  A growth mindset is more about the process.  Learn how curiosity can make your mindset more flexibleJoin us on March 9th in NYC for our Workshop Twist Your Mindset

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 Feb 11, 2019 |  51 mins

#4: The Phoenix Rising: Menopausal Power

with Maria Dintino

Cecilia and Hannah explore the topic of menopause with Maria Dintino – a writer, educator, and a “slow-to-emerge feminist”. Maria shares her insights on menopause, her mission to recover her voice, and how she is transforming herself to make up for years of silence. 

Currently immersed in a work of creative nonfiction, she’s committed to projecting the voices of powerful women from throughout history and across the globe through her website nastywomenwriters.com, which she edits and contributes to along with her sister Theresa.

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 Feb 6, 2019  |  15 mins

#3: Mindset Part 1: Twist Your Mindset

How we think influences how we approach everything in our lives. Learning to question our automatic thoughts is the road to new possibilities. Join us on March 9th in NYC for our workshop Twist Your Mindset.

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 Feb 5, 2019  |  57 minutes

#2: The Solutions Are In You

with Kathy Hayes-Bloch, MSW

Hannah and Cecilia speak with Kathy Hayes-Bloch, MSW, about how her own experience with hypnosis twisted her plot professionally and how she uses hypnosis to help women access their inner strength and uncover their own solutions.

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 Jan 27, 2019  |  47 minutes

#1: A hand in the dark

with Marianne Franzese

Cecilia and Hannah speak with Marianne Franzese, mother, author, drama therapist, ceremonialist, and co-founder of Spark Elementary School. Marianne shares her inspired journey of transformation following the unexpected end of her marriage.

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 Jan 11, 2019  |  11 minutes

Trailer: Welcome to Twisting the Plot

Dr. Cecilia Dintino and Psychotherapist Hannah Murray Starobin tell the story of how they met and decided to start Twisting the Plot. Then they share their goal in starting the podcast; to expand the narrative, explore possibilities and create cultural change for women over 50.

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