Each week Dr. Cecilia Dintino and Psychotherapist Hannah Murray Starobin will speak with women who have twisted their plots and discovered that life after 50 can be filled with imagination, inspiration, laughter, and endless possibilities.

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 September 15th, 2020 |  18 mins

#112: Elastic Women

In 2018, Britain’s Wunderman Thompson Innovation Group put forth the notion of The Elastic Generation.

Elastic Generation women are living according to how they feel rather than how they ought, whether that means divorcing or dating, travelling or starting a business. As decision-makers, entrepreneurs, caregivers and creators, Elastic Generation women continue to push the boundaries and upend the status quo. Ever the generation of rebels, they are reinventing life past fifty, as they forge the path others will follow.

We at Twisting The Plot are in full agreement.

But… what do you do when your back goes out?  Or you lose your job?  Or someone you love gets ill?  Or everything you thought you’d do, or be, is changed?

The answer?  You work to get more elastic.


We will tell you.  

On this week’s podcast, Cecilia and Hannah talk about the bends in the road (and in Hannah’s back) that they have confronted, and share ways to flex and stretch….literally and figuratively.

Take a listen.  And look forward to more innovative, inspiring and informative podcasts from Twisting the Plot.


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 September 8th, 2020 |  49 mins

#111: Summer Replay – What Can Only You Do? Finding purpose with Indrani Goradia

This week we sat down with a true powerhouse, Indrani Goradia.  Indrani is a philanthropist and advocate for women’s health and empowerment.  As a victim of severe childhood abuse, she createdIndrani’s Light Foundation, an organization committed to caring for survivors of domestic violence.  Her mission is to stop generational abuse and empower women to change their lives.  With her warmth, humor and honesty, Indrani shares with us how shefelt lost and unsure of her purpose in midlife when she was asked a simple question:  “What can only you do?”  This question and her answer startedher on a path that includes a TED Talk, a partnership with the global health organization PSI, an address to the World Women’s Health and Development Forum at the United Nations and a life filled with meaningful direction.



Talk Indrani Goradia addresses the United Nations



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 September 1st, 2020 |  37 mins

#110: Summer Replay – Consciousness Raising, a conversation with Ashton Applewhite

This week, we had the distinct pleasure to speak with Ashton Applewhite, activist and author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism.  In this podcast, we engage in aconsciousness raising conversation about aging and the other implicit biases in our culture.  Applewhite asserts: “When we work against any form of oppression, we chip away at the fear and ignorance that underlie them all.” Please join us.  Listen to this inspirational activist on the front lines of changing how we look at aging.  It’s a conversation that’s right for today, a plot twist for all of us.  





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 August 25th, 2020 |  52 mins

#109: Summer Replay – The New Face of Menopause, with Jeanne Chung, Founder and CEO of Mighty Menopause

Today we take a break from coronavirus and talk instead about:


Jeanne Chung’s career experience has ranged from engineer to investment banker to yoga instructor and wellness entrepreneur.  But when she encountered a painful side effect of menopause, she discovered that the medical community had no answers for her, and so she found her next purpose.  Jeanne took her love of science, knowledge of business and passion for helping others and transformed it all into an exciting new venture, Mighty Menopause.  Mighty Menopause offers cutting edge information and natural supplements to educate and elevate women. It is Jeanne’s mission to bring menopause into the 21st century and give it a new face.  Maybe even her own.

Click here to check out Mighty Menopause at mighty-menopause.com


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 August 18th, 2020 |  41 mins

#108: Summer Replay – How Big Can You Dream? A conversation with the actress and singer Mary Testa

Twisting the plot is about dreaming big, having faith, and knowing your truth.  This week, we had the great pleasure to sit down with the multi-talented Mary Testa; actress, singer, and three-time Tony Award nominee.  Turning 65 this year, Mary asks, what’s next?  She wonders, how big can a woman in her 60’s dream?  Is it possible to create a narrative that is bigger than what you are?  We look forward to the future Mary, a woman who always pushes boundaries and delivers creativity and performances with creativity that takes us outside the box of expectation. Enjoy.

Listen to Unravel/If I Loved You from the album Have Faith.

Order Have Faith on CD from Sh-K-Boom or Barnes & Noble, or buy as a download from iTunes or  Amazon.

Order the Queen of the Mist (Original Cast Recording) on CD from Sh-K-Boom or Barnes & Noble, or buy as a download from iTunes or  Amazon.


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 August 11th, 2020 |  51 mins

#107: Summer Replay – Understanding Intersectionality. A lesson with Britton Williams

What is Intersectionality? And why is it important? We learn from Britton Williams about social-cultural identity, biases and how our multiple identities influence the way we age. Britton is an educator, a creative arts therapist and a writer. She is willing to enter these conversations with openness and curiosity. She is also a wonderful storyteller. So much fun, and so much wisdom. Enjoy.



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 August 4th, 2020 |  40 mins

#106: Stoop Stories with Marj Kleinman

Amid the lockdown, hanging out on her stoop, Marj Kleinman had a realization.  Stoops are where people sit, talk, and share stories and they are a perfect six feet from top to bottom. So Marj createdStoop Stories, a community portrait project documenting how Brooklynites are coping with the Coronavirus pandemic and racial injustice. 

Marj, photographer, award winning children’s content producer, and visual storyteller, with her team have curated over seventy features of families, essential workers, and small businesses. These stories have appeared in The New York Times, Time Out New York, PIX11 News and News 12. 

Marj also has a story of her own. Her life has been filled with many twists and turns and lots of loss.  At 50, she thought her future was dimming, but Stoop Stories has given her life new purpose and direction.  Marj shares a quote that her late beloved father used to recite and that she finds relevant to all plot twisters:

I thought my fire was out, and stirred the ashes…I burnt my fingers. ~ Antonio Machado

Stoop Stories on www.marjkleinman.com
@stoop.stories on Instagram

Stoop Stories on Facebook 


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 July 28th, 2020 |  22 mins

#105: What Happens Next?

Did you know that you have a story?  

Do you realize that your story is fluid, complex, and even inspirational?

Bella tells the story of her trauma.  She tells it over and over again.  It was a story of abuse, pain, and helplessness.  And the story always ended with Bella on the floor.  

Until Hannah asked her this question: “What happens next?”

Psychologists, anthropologists, and scientists all agree; we are a storytelling animal. But what many of us don’t realize is that we are both the protagonist and the narrator of our own story.  That story can have many perspectives and transform many times.  It all depends on where we focus, how we see it, and who we are when we tell it.

We have noticed that most of us choose to tell only part of our story.  We often tend to leave a lot out.  Sometimes we leave things out for so long that we don’t even recall them.  Our identities get formed around the stories we tell, and these stories are often incomplete.  

Psychologist Dan McAdams studies the stories we tell and identifies what he terms “redemptive stories.”   His research indicates that life stories that include our strengths and triumphs predict health and wellbeing.  

What happens when we leave out the redemptive portion of our story? 

We get stuck.  

Bella started to tell the story of how she got up from the bathroom floor. The new story was still filled with pain, but also revealed the thriving parts of Bella. 

Now Bella’s story is complex and transformative; it’s truer to Bella’s evolution. 

This week Hannah and Cecilia talk about the power of telling and retelling your story.  When we explore our story, really listen, and delve into the complexity, we can loosen the grip of a narrative that no longer fits. 

This is the first step to becoming the writer of a new and artful future. 

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 July 21st, 2020 |  32 mins

#104: Feeling Lost with Cecilia and Hannah

Up until 50, most women have been going along following the rules and living their lives according to a preset roadmap.  We took our cues from families, social media, and cultural role models. Then we turn 50, and the roadmaps stop. The direction becomes vague, and the cues fade. 

We get hit with negative biases about aging, disdain for older bodies, and hints to our irrelevance.   We learn that we have lost our edge, our beauty, and our value.  Sometimes we even feel like we are losing ourselves.  We go invisible to the world and to ourselves.  

What’s complicated is that during this time of the fading self, a lot happens. Transitions are multifold.  Husbands leave, jobs end, career paths dim, loved ones get ill or die, some of us get ill, children leave, our appearance changes and menopause happens.   

This week we explore the impact feeling lost can have on our individual and collective stories. We explore how re-finding ourselves can be difficult, and sometimes painful. Listen as we share how to start the process of getting unlost.

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 July 14th, 2020 |  28 mins

#103: From bereft and bereaved to badass mama, Twisting the Plot with Laura Dintino

Listen as Laura Dintino describes her surprise and shock when her husband of 29 years suddenly announced he was interested in a younger woman and ready to move on. It was a plot twist that turned the world she had built and the life she had known completely upside down. She had not only lost her partnership; she lost her identity. Who was she now? How can a woman in her 60’s remake herself?

Laura, a member of our 12 in 12 program, shares how she got reacquainted with herself. With the help of therapist, friends and family, she rediscovers her feisty, ambitious self and is channeling that energy into her new career. For her 12 in 12 project, Laura is working on creating a method that captures immigrants’ and refugees’ individual stories as well as their strengths, interests, and experience. Her goal is to use this information to help them find work in the community that better reflects their passions and abilities.  Laura’s own story of loss, acceptance and reinvention has fueled her commitment to help her students write a new chapter in their own stories.

Recently, Laura left the house that she had shared with her ex-husband and moved into her own new home. She’s back in the driver’s seat. Her strength and courage impressed her daughter who refers to her Mom as a badass.

Lets be clear, when you are a 60-something woman and called badass by a millennial, you have successfully twisted your plot.

Go forward Laura. For all of us.

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 July 7th, 2020 |  43 mins

#102: Starting Again, with Ana Maria Seligmann

When Ana Maria Seligmann moved from Panama to Houston, Texas, she focused on helping her children acclimate to a new school and a different culture. When everyone was settled, she began thinking about her next challenge.  What new purpose would she seek in her new country?  For guidance, Ana turned to her religious practice and what came through loud and clear was her innate desire to help people.  Ana set out on a path of introspection and self-discovery.  She began to look at her life with fresh eyes and a new perspective.  She trained in integrative nutrition and now helps other women regain their energy and focus. 

Join us to hear more about how Ana discovered her new purpose and twisted her plot in a new country.


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 June 30, 2020 |  48 mins

#101: Calling The Birds Home, with Cheryl St. Onge

With my camera, I document the joy and the light of her last years of life – the ways that she circles back home, even as she is leaving.  Cheryle St. Onge in the New York Times, Sunday June 28, 2020. 

Photographer Cheryle St. Onge’s plot twisted when her mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia. Her mother began to disappear, and Cheryle grew increasingly depressed.  Her friends suggested that she make art instead of complain.  So she picked up her iPhone and took a picture of her mother. This led to an exquisite collection of photographs, Calling The Birds Home.  Cheryle describes the experience as “a silent conversation with her Mom in the process of making art.”  

Cheryle St. Onge was named one of the Top 50 Photographers in the country by TIME Magazine. Her work has been exhibited at London’s National Portrait Gallery, Princeton University, Griffin Museum, University of Rhode Island, Massachusetts College of Art, Rick Wester Fine Arts, and with the American Institute of Architects traveling exhibition. She has received numerous awards and fellowships, including the 2009 John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship. 

Listen as Cheryle talks with us about the creative process with her mother and what she’s learned about herself, her art, aging, and living.

Click here to see her work at Cheryle St.Onge.com

Follow Cheryle St. Onge on Instagram

New York Times: Photographing the Beauty of My Mother’s Decline 



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 June 22, 2020 |  45 mins

#100: The Keeper of Stories, Charisse Brown

As a little girl Charisse Brown would scoot across the floor on her belly to listen to the family stories told behind closed doors. Today, as an adult, she’s made a career of listening and holding the stories of others.

Charisse is a professional actor and a teaching artist. When she was 50 she started graduate school and became a drama therapist. She currently works with youth who are detained in the criminal justice system. They are children in trouble, children who have witnessed and experienced violence, children who have been neglected and deprived.

They are children whose stories often go unheard, and never told.

But Charisse hears them all. She keeps them inside of her heart and alive on her tongue. She has learned how to create safe spaces for the children to share what they know. She is currently helping them create a time capsule to capture their lived experiences and unmet dreams. The time capsule will hold the fragments of history that may otherwise be overlooked and misunderstood.    

Some people are born to be artists. Some artists are chosen to bear truths most of us prefer to take distance from. Some artists are then moved to share with the rest of us and help us evolve. Charisse Brown is overflowing with stories, and lots of feelings. She will be performing a one-woman show as soon as our theaters reopen.

We can’t wait to sit in her audience to witness her wisdom and share some of her burden.

Bring it on, Charisse. We will listen.

Charisse’s Email – charbrow7@gmail.com


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 June 16, 2020 |  49 mins

#99: Kids Today. Taking the lead from our children, with Marianne Franzese and Lili Chasen

Marianne Franzese reacted to the murder of George Floyd with horror, grief and sadness.  It literally made her cry.  When her grown children saw this, they called her out. 

“Stop crying.  What are you doing about it?” 


Most of us were raised to feel the feelings, have empathy, and care for others.  But we were not encouraged to get angry, speak out, or disrupt the status quo.

Luckily we still have time to grow.  But, we have to be willing to be called out by others, especially our children.

So this week we sat down with Marianne Franzese and her daughter Lili Chasen to have an inter-generational conversation about our role in the fight against racism.  

According to Lili, our number one task is to get uncomfortable.  This is not easy for us.  The pull for equilibrium and people pleasing is strong. But for too long we have been silent and complicit in a racial system that deprives and oppresses black men and women.  

As Lili states, “white silence kills.”

It’s time to grow a thicker skin, move past our social conditioning, and build stamina for disruption.  It’s time to have those difficult conversations.

Evolution is intergenerational.  We need to know our history and the history of our ancestors.  We have to be challenged on our present day perspectives by the generations that follow us.  And then we collectively step forward into a new future, with new leaders, new roles and new rules.  

Kids today.  They’ll save us all.

Twisting the plot.


The ideas and suggestions that Lili shares on this podcast are informed by the following black leaders:  

Ericka Hart

Monique Melton 

Rachel Cargle

Robin DiAngelo

Please follow them and educate yourselves.


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 June 11, 2020 |  60 mins

#98: What Do You Know? An open conversation with La-Verna Fountain and Victoria Benitez

La-Verna Fountain has spent decades listening.  She is a practitioner and teacher of Kingian and Gandhian methods for conflict resolution.  The one thing she knows for sure is that we all have answers inside of us.  On this week’s podcast, Hannah, Cecilia La-Verna and Victoria Benitez, two black and two white sixty something women talk.  La-Verna asks each of us to answer the question: What do you know?    

Then we consider what we still have to learn.


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 June 8, 2020 |  61 mins

#97: What Now – an intimate conversation with MaryAnn Plunkett

Maryann Plunkett is a woman in her sixties who is not invisible, although she regularly portrays women who are.  This past year, the Tony award-winning actor was seen in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women and as Mrs. Rogers in A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood with Tom Hanks.

Originally, we wanted to talk to Maryann about her experience performing in the recent online production of What Do We Need To Talk About, produced by the Public Theatre in which the audience witnesses a Zoom call with the Apple family as they grapple with life during COVID-19.

We were hoping to hear Maryann’s thoughts about life during the pandemic, as well as the shutdown of live theater.  We were planning to discuss the importance of story, and contemplate the role of theatre in fostering a culture of growth.

As it turned out, our discussion took place just after the brutal murder of George Floyd. We hadn’t previously spoken together about how this might change our plan. As we started to talk, we hit the record button and decided to let it be what it is:  three white sixty something women engaged in a conversation about what has been happening in the world.  We ask ourselves, what is our role?  Should we shut up or do we speak up?  How do we move forward?  

In a 2016 New Yorker profile, Maryann is described as a “radiant everywoman.” What now for Maryann?  What now for all of us?

We don’t have answers. All we know is that we must listen.  We must learn.  And we must figure out how to serve.


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 May 26, 2020 |  45 mins

#96: Let Your Wildest Dreams Be True: an intergenerational conversation with Madeline Dintino

Ok, listen up.  Our number one mission is to help women over 50 evolve by imagining who it is we can be, both as individuals and as a grand collective.  

One of the ways we do this by listening to a Gen Z influencer.


Because our futures require our creative participation and it starts with a loosening of our limited beliefs.  Things have to change in order to be new.

We begin by letting go of our ageist confines and freeing ourselves from identities that no longer serve or excite us.

This week, we start to imagine ourselves differently by talking to fashion designer and social activist Madeline Dintino.

Madeline, a 2020 fashion design graduate of Marist College, views fashion as an opportunity for radical empowerment and inclusivity.  She designs clothing that offers gender fluidity, playfulness and a witty glittery repurposing of norms.  Madeline uses her voice as a designer to deconstruct binaries and reconstruct clothing that inspires freedom and joy.

She also shares with us her honors thesis project, a zine she titled Modern Gender.  Her zine (think short magazine) is a resource for navigating modern gender terms and expressions. It’s a colorful, informative invitation to celebrate inclusivity. 

Madeline even encourages us to explore how fashion can expand our identities.  She suggests we stop hiding and celebrate our bodies and images.  Maybe, she declares, you could think additive, instead of covering up.  After all, she says, “You’ve spent years earning your looks.” 

There is so much to gain from intergenerational sharing.

Join us please.


Check out Modern Gender: Navigating the Fluid Revolution


Madeline Dintino Portfolio

For the Record Article: 

Read about Madeline Dintino in FOR THE RECORD

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 May 19, 2020 |  39 mins

#95: Hello 50 with Marijo Kober and April Rinehart

We love it when we connect with like-minded women who share our realization that women over 50 deserve attention.

When friends Marijo and April turned 50, things felt different. They had questions about their bodies, relationships, careers, and fashion. Not sure where to turn, they decided to take the bull by the horns and created HELLO 50 IT’S MY TIME a place dedicated to supporting women as they continue to learn, find purpose and get more empowered with every passing year.

Listen as these fellow twisters talk how they are helping other women 50, 60, and beyond face life with joy, enthusiasm, and adventure. 


Click here to check out Hello50.com

Follow Hello 50 on Instagram

Join Hello 50 on Facebook


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 May 14, 2020 |  33mins

#94: How Fascinating: a conversation with Emilie Ward

Emilie Ward joined our 12 in 12 in December, when the agency where she had worked for 24 years shut its doors without warning. Little did she know that this was just the beginning of a disheartening whirlwind including a global pandemic, her need to take on a caretaker role for her ill mother, the withdrawal of state funding for her independent business, and her personal battle with Covid 19. But she refused to let it stop her. Emilie, a drama therapist also certified in positive psychology, talks about her decision to focus on staying curious, how she takes a deep breath and asks, how else can I look at this? Instead of “Oh my god,” she says, “How fascinating.” Emilie is a creative, resourceful role model of resilience. Listen and laugh with us. As Emilie says, “The only thing you have control over is your mindset and having a sense of humor.”

For questions about Dramatic Stages contact Emilie Ward at eward@dramaticstages.com


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 May 12, 2020 |  55 mins

#93: The Reinvention Maven: Lesley Jane Seymour

My hope is that this is a moment when women can stop knocking at the door of a system that was set up by men and for men.

So says Lesley Jane Seymour, our special guest on this week’s Twisting the Plot podcast.

Lesley has had her finger on the pulse of the collective imagination of what it means to be a woman for decades. As editor in chief for More Magazine she brought possibility and visibility for women over 40. We all remember grabbing the latest edition of More from the newsstands and opening it with eager anticipation. We were hungry for vision, solutions and novel ideas for who we are becoming.   

Lesley is a media entrepreneur and one of the industry’s most respected leaders. Besides More Magazine, she served as editor in chief for Marie Claire, Redbook, and YM. She was the beauty director for Glamour, and senior editor at Vogue. She is an influencer and has spearheaded numerous efforts to introduce her readers to the big issues that we should confront. Under Lesley’s leadership, generations of women were educated and invited to be activists regarding crucial causes, such as breast cancer awareness, domestic violence and aging.

Today, Lesley continues her mission to engage, inform and envision life for women. She is Founder and CEO of Covey Club. She calls it a virtual meeting place for life long learners. She’s also the host of the Reinvent Yourself Podcast where she interviews global change makers and visionaries.

Listen as Lesley shares with us how she got into magazine publishing, her decision to get a masters in Sustainability Management from Columbia University, how she started Covey Club, and her decision to start a new life in “The Big Easy.”

She is a powerhouse of creativity, generosity, reinvention and just plain fun.


Visit CoveyClub

Listen to my podcast Reinvent Yourself with Lesley Jane Seymour

Follow me: InstagramTwitterLinkedIn, or Facebook

Follow CoveyClub: InstagramTwitterLinkedIn, or Facebook


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 May 7, 2020 |  43 mins

#92: A Report from the Front Lines with Zeneida Disla

We are all living in the middle of a global pandemic, but each person’s experience is individual. This week we spoke with Zeneida Disla, a frontline worker who each day makes her way from Harlem to the Bronx where she cares for some of the city’s most vulnerable people. Zeneida, the only child of immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic, talks with us about the difficulty of finding your voice in the face of racism, sexism, ageism and classism. Listen as she shares her story of growing up in the South Bronx, her mothers’ push for her to get an education and finding her passion for story. At 52, Zeneida is not done yet. Instead she is dreaming big, exploring her passions and looking forward to her next plot twist. 


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 May 5, 2020 |  40 mins

#91: NYC Sleep Doctor, Janet Kennedy, PhD

Sleep. We talk about it. We worry about it. We long for it. This has long been true for most menopausal women, but now it’s an issue for everyone in this time of uncertainty. So, we called NYC Sleep Doctor, Janet Kennedy, PhD, to find out why we can’t sleep and what we can do about it. Janet explains the difference between physiologic and psychologic sleep disorders and discusses the role estrogen and progesterone play in our slumber. Most of all she teaches us to let go of expectations of sleep. Instead, we need to learn to let go, trust our bodies, and trust that sleep will come.

Look for Dr. Kennedy’s soon to be released podcast The Sleep Tune-Up where she will be working with individuals, walking them through some simple solutions so listeners can learn how these various interventions can make a big difference.

If you want to be a guest on The Sleep Tune-Up Podcast contact Dr. Kennedy at thesleeptuneup@gmail.com

For more information about Dr. Janet Kennedy’s sleep coaching check out her website nycsleepdoctor.com

The Good Sleeper: The Essential Guide to Sleep for Your Baby–and You by Janet Krone Kennedy, PhD on Amazon

Connect with Dr. Janet Kennedy on Twitter @nycsleepdoctor

Connect with Dr. Janet Kennedy on Instagram @nycsleepdoctor

Join NYCSleepDoctor on Facebook


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 Apr 30, 2020 |  25 mins

#90: Truth Telling with Stephanie Omens

The way we communicate with children about difficult things plays a role in how they process what is happening around them. Building emotional literacy is vital to building resilience. This is the extraordinary work of Stephanie Omens, licensed creative arts therapist, certified child life specialist and member of our 12 in 12. At this time, we need her unique ability to integrate playfulness and storytelling in her work with children. In fact, Stephanie created an animated video on how to talk to children about the Coronavirus that has been viewed around the world and translated and dubbed in Chinese, Cantonese, and Taiwanese. She also wrote an ebook, Truth Telling To Kids During A Global Pandemic that provides facts for older children (and grown ups too). As a part of our 12 in 12 group, Stephanie shares how the experience has helped her step into her role as clinician and leader with more confidence and ease.


NoWhiteLies Video – Talking to kids about COVID-19

Truth Telling To Kids During A Global Pandemic ebook Stephanie Omens



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 Apr 28, 2020 |  32 mins

#89: Mindfulness and You: Help from Kathy Hayes-Bloch

Do you want to meditate but find it difficult to do? Do you want to practice mindfulness but just can’t figure out how to make it work for you?

In light of the anxiety, isolation, and grief brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, we decided to reach out to a former guest, Kathy Hayes-Bloch. Kathy is a psychotherapist, meditation teacher, and co-founder of The Trauma Healing Project CT. She shares with us her new (and very timely) twist on mindfulness practices. Kathy incorporates David Treleaven’s trauma-sensitive techniques into an approach that can help us in these troubling times. This new method includes the senses, the imagination, and taking breaks whenever we need them.

Kathy explains the value of a mindfulness practice for women over 50, and shares some simple steps that we can take right now. She even guides us through a short exercise to access our inner wisdom. Sit back, listen and enjoy.

Kathy Hayes-Bloch,LCSW

Psychotherapist, Meditation teacher,

Co-Founder: The Trauma Healing Project_CT

FOLLOW US: @Thetraumahealingproject_CT

Dedicated Practitioner of Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness:

Approved Consultant: Clinical Hypnosis


Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Events & Courses



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 Apr 23, 2020 |  23 mins

#88: Role Reversal

In our upside-down world of social isolation, anxiety, grief, fear, and virtual gatherings we thought we would twist our own plot. This week we invited Amelia Good, Coach and Founder of Unique Abilities to interview us no how we are doing in the midst of the Coronavirus.

Check out Amelia on Instagram: @unique_abilities


Click here to learn more about Twisting the Plot


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 Apr 21, 2020 |  30 mins

#87: Plot Twists For All Ages

Plot twists can happen at any time, at any age. This week we spoke with Amelia Good, Coach and Founder of Unique Abilities. Amelia had just graduated college and was beginning her adult life when she was faced with a major health twist. Amelia shares with us what she has learned about herself and how she now helps others to discover and harness their own unique abilities.

Check out Amelia on Instagram: @unique_abilities


Click here to learn more about Twisting the Plot

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 Apr 16, 2020 |  40 mins

#86: Quarantined Abroad: A Conversation With John Richard Thompson

As we all shelter in place and work to flatten the curve of Corona Virus, we think it is important to stay curious and connected. With that in mind, this week we spoke with our friend and guest from last summer, writer John Thompson who is currently quarantined in Peru. John talks with us about his experience in Peru, staying creative, and the importance of finding purpose in the midst of chaos. John also gives us an inside look at how Peru is dealing with the crisis.


Click here to learn more about Twisting the Plot

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 Apr 14, 2020 |  51 mins

#85: The New Face of Menopause, with Jeanne Chung, Founder and CEO of Mighty Menopause

Today we take a break from coronavirus and talk instead about:


Jeanne Chung’s career experience has ranged from engineer to investment banker to yoga instructor and wellness entrepreneur. But when she encountered a painful side effect of menopause, she discovered that the medical community had no answers for her, and so she found her next purpose. Jeanne took her love of science, knowledge of business and passion for helping others and transformed it all into an exciting new venture, Mighty Menopause. Mighty Menopause offers cutting edge information and natural supplements to educate and elevate women. It is Jeanne’s mission to bring menopause into the 21st century and give it a new face. Maybe even her own.

Click here to check out Mighty Menopause at mighty-menopause.com


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 Apr 9, 2020 |  43 mins

#84: Putting it Together, A Life Story in Parts, with 12 in 12 member Laura Preiser

In today’s 12 in 12 podcast, Laura Preiser tells us the story of her many twists and turns, including law school, divorce, parenting atypical children, and caring for her father.  She talks about the joy found in the role of parent and dispels the myths of caretaking that often leave caregivers isolated.  Laura reminds us, “The beauty of being over 50 is life starts to make sense as all the puzzle pieces begin to fit together.” We can’t wait to see what Laura does when all the pieces are finally in place.

Read more about Laura Preiser at her website, caringstrength.com


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 Apr 7, 2020 |  33 mins

#83: The Great Do-Over, a conversation with Deb Boulanger

We are all ready for a great do-over.

That’s why we decided to talk to Deb Boulanger.

She is a master of reinvention and a wise resource for self-care.

As the president of The Great Do-Over Inc, host of Life After Corporate Podcast, and founder of The Launch Lab for women entrepreneurs, Deb is experienced in twisting adversity into a creative opportunity for growth.

“This pandemic has forced us to rethink what we do and how we do it. There is opportunity here for women to solve new problems in innovative ways, however, anxiety and creativity can’t exist in the same mind at the same time.”

Join us as Deb advises that we all find ways to go into a “self-retreat,” and create space to connect and process all that we are facing and feeling.

In times like this, we are called upon to listen to ourselves, own our skills, and become a part of the solution.

What does your do-over look like?

We were inspired and restored by this conversation with Deb. We hope you will be too.

Click here to check out thegreatdoover.com

Click here to check out the Life After Corporate podcast

Click here to go to the Launch Lab for Women Entrepreneurs Facebook group


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 Apr 2, 2020 |  18 mins

#82: Stories of Resilience with Lauri Landry

What does it mean to be resilient? The Webster Dictionary says this:

  1. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
  2. The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

They both sound important to us. Especially now.

This week we hear thoughts from one of our 12 in 12 women who is devising a verbatim theatre project.

Verbatim theatre is a form of documented theatre in which plays are constructed from the precise words spoken by people interviewed about a particular event or topic.

Actor Lauri Landry’s topic is resilience.

It’s a kind of arts-based research. And for Lauri, it’s a journey of self-discovery.

Listen as Lauri Landry describes her creative process and discusses the benefits of our group.


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 Mar 31, 2020 |  35 mins

#81: Inner Authority with Blair Glaser

Are you walking in circles? Having trouble focusing? Eating an entire cake in one sitting? We are, so we called Blair Glaser for help.

We asked her, is it possible to maintain your own self-authority even during this time of distress and panic? Blair says yes, even if it means authorizing your own personal meltdown. Own it and make it a good one.

Listen to our very helpful and playful conversation with Blair, a leadership mentor, executive consultant and creative problem solver. She gives us several creative ways to manage anxiety and uncertainty. And she offers us tools to find solace and inner strength when we feel scared and alone.

Tough times. Tough women.

We are happy to share this conversation, and Blair, with you.

Blair’s Blog

Blair’s Website


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 Mar 24, 2020 |  34 mins

#80: Crazy Times with Kevin LaChapelle

When the world is filled with uncertainty, worry, and fear, how do we decrease our anxiety and boost our immune system? The best way we know is with laughter. So this week we sat down with our “humor-muse” Kevin LaChapelle to talk about humor, friendship, and the joys of laughter. Now, more than ever, we need to connect, laugh, play, and love. Join us!


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 Mar 19, 2020 |  16 mins

#79: It’s Time to Get Creative

In these uncertain times, the one thing we know is that it is vital that we stay connected and creative. Here are some resources that we hope will help you engage in the community and spark your creativity.

Take a virtual museum tour

Music events


Free art lessons online – here are some examples:

Physical Exercise and Dance

Learn by Taking a Class


Send us your ideas, suggestions and art we will post them on social media. Let’s stay connected!



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 Mar 17, 2020 |  31 mins

#78: Well-Aging, with Rochelle Weitzner

Listen up. Rochelle Weitzner wants to talk about menopause. It all started with a trip to the beach. Rochelle had a flash that led her on a path to changing the way we think about beauty and aging. Her company, Pause Well-Aging, offers skin care products designed especially for women in all three stages of menopause. But it hasn’t been an easy road. Rochelle has come up against a lot of resistance from an industry that has always believed beauty and beauty products are for the young. The good news is that Rochelle is determined and her mission is catching on. “Pause is more than just skincare. It’s a movement affirming that beauty gets better with age.”

That’s a plot twist we’ve long been waiting for.   



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 Mar 12, 2020 |  15 mins

#77: A Social Influencer at 70 with Dr. Leslie M. Faerstein

Join us for today’s 12 in12 podcast and learn about Dr. Leslie’s mission to influence the way women think about and treat their aging bodies. She believes that we view our bodies through the gaze of society and culture. Her goal is to get the world to consider aging differently. With a new perspective, we just may be able to make peace, at long last, with our own bodies.

It’s a big goal. It’s an important job. Let’s be on the lookout for talks, blogs and lessons from Dr. Leslie. We are ready for her to help us twist this plot.


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 Mar 10, 2020 |  38 mins

#76: How To Be a Legend In Your Own Life With Randi Levin

After she turned 50, Randi Levin started asking herself, What’s next?  She also began to wonder about legacy. What is it exactly? Can everyone have one?  She decided that legacy is more than just something we leave behind. Instead, we can have an impact right here and right now.  With a desire to help others she decided to become a life coach. On the day she was signing up for her coaching certification, a receptionist gave her two words of advice, “just start.”  She took that advice and hasn’t stopped since. Randi calls herself a Transitional Life Strategist who guides others through the process of change. She insists we can all become legends in our own lives. We just have to start.    


Get the free PDF 10 Essential Questions Every Woman Needs to Ask Herself Now at Randilevincoaching.com/questions


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 Mar 5, 2020 |  10 mins

#75: Living my Future Self

So you’ve reached 50, 60, 70 or 80 years old, but does this mean your growing is done? Is your future determined, set, or non-existent? We say, no way. On today’s mini podcast we discuss the possibilities that lie ahead for each of us. We humans are prospectors by nature, born with the mission to evolve, even in our later years.

Your future self awaits your design.

But first you need to envision her. This is more than fantasy, this is the process of becoming. You are always more than the culmination of your past. Look for her, reach for her, let the possibility of her infuse body and mind now. Then put her on her feet by taking action now.

What’s next is yours to create. Join us. We are having fun.

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 Mar 3, 2020 |  40 mins

#74: How Big Can You Dream? A conversation with the actress and singer Mary Testa

Twisting the plot is about dreaming big, having faith, and knowing your truth. This week, we had the great pleasure to sit down with the multi-talented Mary Testa; actress, singer, and three-time Tony Award nominee. Turning 65 this year, Mary asks, what’s next? She wonders, how big can a woman in her 60’s dream? Is it possible to create a narrative that is bigger than what you are? We look forward to the future Mary, a woman who always pushes boundaries and delivers creativity and performances with creativity that takes us outside the box of expectation. Enjoy.

Listen to Unravel/If I Loved You from the album Have Faith.

Order Have Faith on CD from Sh-K-Boom or Barnes & Noble, or buy as a download from iTunes or  Amazon.

Order the Queen of the Mist (Original Cast Recording) on CD from Sh-K-Boom or Barnes & Noble, or buy as a download from iTunes or  Amazon.


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 Feb 27, 2020 |  20 mins

#73: Starting Over, with Sydney Price

Today we speak with another one of our twelve women who will be creating something that matters in twelve months’ time.  Up until now, Sydney Price’s life was moving along nicely.  Her identity was defined by the possessions she owned, the jobs she held, the relationships she had.  Then suddenly, it seemed, everything changed.  A divorce, the closing of two businesses, a move to a new apartment and the loss of a loved one brought her to a crossroads.  She feels stripped down and uncertain.  Now what?  What’s next?  So Sydney joined our 12 in 12 cohort and is working on something that matters a lot: the trash that surrounds us.  Put another way, our planet.  Sydney is studying recycling, composting and other ways to translate social awareness into community action, and tackle a growing problem.  Tune in and hear what she has to say.  Sydney is a force and as her daughter reminds her “she always finds a solution.”  

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 Feb 25, 2020 |  40 mins

#72: Twist Your Body Image with Dr. Leslie Faerstein

Do you ever have feelings about your aging body? Do you want to have a better relationship with your knees, stomach, wrinkles and hair? Are you tired of hiding and feeling less than?

Dr. Leslie Faerstein has some answers for you. She spent four decades working as a psychotherapist pioneering social programs for eating disorders and serving as executive director for various nonprofit organizations. Today, almost 70 years old, she is twisting her plot by starting consciousness raising conversations for older women who want to change the way they see, think and feel about their bodies. This is a huge social issue, and we are thrilled that Dr. Leslie is taking the lead.




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 Feb 20, 2020 | 10 mins

#71: Re-Storying Our Lives

Often the stories we tell ourselves about the past are frozen in time. These fixed narratives keep us stuck, and can block us from new possibility.  If we open ourselves to other perspectives and diversify the narratives, we will make room for new future identities, experiences and expectations. So, try this: Take a story from your past and rewrite it from three different points of view.  For example, retell the story through someone else’s eyes, or from another part of yourself.  Maybe even reframe the story from your future-self perspective.  See what you discover. Twist your plot.  It’s your story to write.



 Feb 18, 2020 | 37 mins

#70: Divorce. Done. Differently. With Sharon Count

Sharon Count’s divorce took ten years to play out.  It was harrowing, traumatic and very costly.  Since then, she is dedicated to helping couples and families navigate the process holistically with one-stop legal, emotional and financial guidance.  It’s a plot twist we wish we didn’t have to bring up. But so many of the women we meet arestruggling to navigate what is known as a “gray divorce.”  Statistically, the overall divorce rate has declined in the past 20 years, but it has more than doubled for couples over 50.  Getting divorced at this stage of life can undermine financial security and be devastating to one’s identity and support system.  Sharon gives us smart advice and plenty of hope.



 Feb 13, 2020 |  19 mins

#69: Uncover, Discover and Recover: 12 in 12 interview with Maria Dintino

Maria is breaking through with momentum and vision.  

For her project, she is developing an on-line program for individuals to uncover, discover and recover creativity and passion. As a part of our February work, Maria imagines her future self as a guide in this process. Future Maria feels whole and listens closely to herself and others. She creates ripples of community that inspire and connect. We can already feel her effect in our 12 in 12 group.

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 Feb 11, 2020 |  36 mins

#68: Finding Your Inner Athlete with Heidi Michaels

What happens when you decide to enter a triathlon even though you are terrified of swimming in open water?  Heidi Michaels did just that.  She was a Mom of five in her 50’s looking to evolve herself.  In the process of overcoming her fear, she discovered her “inner athlete.”  This led Heidi to make a twist.  Now she is a coach and personal trainer and helps other women face fears, overcome limits and get strong. She tells us how working out is both a mental and physical challenge.  Heidi discusses how to transform negative self-chatter and set clear, specific, fitness goals for yourself.

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 Feb 6, 2020 |  11 mins

#67: Lead with Strengths

Too often we are more focused on our shortcomings and we overlook our strengths. Make this twist: identify your strengths, own them, make friends with them, and then lead with them. It’s a bold move. Instead of hanging back or thinking that we aren’t worthy, let’s assert ourselves and become the leaders, inventers, and creators we are meant to be. Let your superpowers be your guide.



 Feb 4, 2020 |  29 mins

#66: Make Something Important – The Many Roles of Tina Sloan

Tina Sloan plays many parts and confronts a lot of drama as an actress and author. Among her many roles in film and television, Tina spent 26 years portraying Lillian Raines on the CBS soap The Guiding Light. Over the course of time, she watched Lillian’s character get fewer and fewer lines and become more and more invisible. At the same time her personal life took twists. While caretaking her parents and seeing her son shipped off to the war in Iraq, she spent less time turning the lens on herself. Her extraordinary remedy? Run in several marathons, climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, write a book in her 60’s, and tour a one-woman show. Tina’s life picked up and, not incidentally, so did Lillian’s plot on the soap.

Today, Tina talks with us about her second book, Chasing Cleopatra,a novel that launched this month on her 77th birthday. And she’s not done yet. Tina Sloan is a twister supreme.


Chasing Cleopatra: A Novel of Love Betrayal and Suspense

Changing Shoes: Getting Older – Not Old – with Style, Humor and Grace


 Jan 30, 2020 |  23 mins

#65: 12 in 12 podcast interview – Principal Marianne

Marianne Franzese, grade school principal, is on board the 12 in 12 train.

She joins us because she has always thrived in circles of women. And because she is ready to do something bold.

She’s been going through a lot of change, experiencing loss, feeling vulnerable. having to let go. Her creativity has been dormant.

Now, she’s ready to let her creative process emerge from what she calls, the “fertile void.”

She asks herself: What does it mean to be a leader at my age? Can I create something of value at this point in my life? How can I become a destination and make something that people want to come to?

Here’s what she is considering:

A TV show in which we are all called to the Principal’s Table.

The show will explore a new take on visiting the principal. For most of us, a slip to the principal’s office meant trouble, humiliation or punishment. But Marianne wants it to mean much more. She believes your visit with the principal should bring some whimsy and joy.

Of course, children will lead the way.

Stay tuned and root for our own Mr. Rogers.

Principal Marianne. We look forward to your wisdom.

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 Jan 28, 2020 |  44 mins

#64: Where Did I Go? When Caretaking Becomes Your Identity, with Eszti Roemer

This week’s podcast guest, Ezsti Roemer shares how seven years ago she was living her life, taking care of her children, seeing her friends, and enjoying her husband, when her mother had a sudden and unexpected stroke.  In a moment’s time the self-sufficient mother that Eszti counted on for her entire life, was gone.  The mother that remained, needed Eszti for constant support.  Eszti showed up for the challenge.  But she lost herself along the way.  She shares her story, her regrets, and her insights with us.  

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 Jan 23, 2020 |  11 mins

#63: Twist to Curiosity

The curious mindset puts us in wonder and keeps us out of catastrophic predicting.  By being curious we also stay out of stuck, rote experiencing.  We see things differently, notice new things about those we love, and feel more alive.  Make this twist: choose awe over automatic.  It makes life so much more interesting.


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 Jan 21, 2020 |  41 mins

#62: Vigilante Momma: Embracing the Wild with singer songwriter Lilly Cataldi

Late one night, Lilly’s Muse gave her a shove and woke her up to make art. So she dove into her ancestral energy, conjured up her feminine power and started to sing. And howl. For Lillian Cataldi, the chapter beyond raising children, caretaking aging parents, and working to live, is a wild one. Lilly embraces her Crone power, listens closely to her inner voice, and is having a blast becoming the next version of herself. Listen to our conversation with Lilly and hear a recording of her song, Vigilante Momma at the end of the show.

You can follow Lilly on Instagram @lillycataldi

Listen to Vigilante Momma on SoundCloud

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 Jan 16, 2020 |  13 mins

#61: 12 in 12 with Jane Emmer

Jane Emmer is making some big shifts. She is leaving a full time job as a school director to go out on her own.

She is entering the world of the social entrepreneur.

It’s a big move.

For decades Jane has assisted children, teens, and young adults in understanding and improving their executive functioning skills. She helps students get organized, focus their attention, and sharpen their capacity to take in information and learn.

Now she is planning to hone her years of knowledge, research and wisdom and share it with others eager to help children learn and grow. She is going to create dynamic, interactive workshops for teachers and administrators.

Jane is stepping into a new role, a new kind of leadership, and she is eager for the energy that comes from starting something new.

She joined 12 in 12 to grow community, be inspired, get pushed when needed, and find support.

We are excited for her.

And we’ll will keep you posted.

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 January 14th, 2020 | 35 mins

#60: Re-Start Strong.  Second Career Entrepreneurs with Andrea Minkow

Starting over or starting up isn’t easy but when you work withAndrea Minkow, things seem possible. She helps women start second career businesses and she makes sure they start strong.  Andrea is a master in getting women to own their expertise, confront fear, be creative, and do the hard stuff. She is an invaluable source of energy and has spot-on advice. Listen in as she teaches us how to stop comparing ourselves to others and avoid the perils of the “cool girl swirl.”



 January 9th, 2020 | 7 mins

#59: Make Art Of Change

Why do we resist change as we get older?  It’s not going to stop, no matter how hard we dig in.  Instead, we can embrace change like the artist, creators and evolvers that we are.  Here’s a creative action for all of you.  Take an object, something, anything static.  Disrupt it.  Destroy it.  And then… make something new of it.  Life is a mosaic.   Be an active work of art. Send us a description and a photo of your creation hello@twistingtheplot.com so we can share it and twist our plots together.  It’s not easy, but we persist, creatively.



 January 7th, 2020 | 32 mins

#58: Zen Bender with Stephanie Krikorian

On this week’s podcast, we speak with the wise and funny Stephanie Krikorian, author of Zen Bender: A Decade-Long Enthusiastic Quest to Fix Everything (That Was Never Broken).  Stephanie had been a successful news producer when she found herself facing a major life twist. In the effort to reinvent herself, she started ghostwriting books for self-help experts. This new career led to a curiosity about all facets of self-help and quickly spiraled into a decade-long quest to fix everything there was to fix about her life. Then, one day, she realized that her efforts to self-improve were keeping her from the one thing that mattered most – herself.



 December 17th, 2019 | 47 mins

#57: Twisting Gender Assumptions with Navah Steiner

Today we expand the conversation to consider gender and inclusivity. We ask ourselves: who gets left out by the binaries we set Psychotherapist Navah Steiner joins us and shares her thoughts about why we should slow down, listen better to each other, and take in other ways to be. Navah, who identifies as genderqueer, shares the experience of finding liberation and joy by living truthfully and aligned. Navah helps us move beyond our gendered assumptions and embrace the value in learning and growing from each other. “We don’t liberate ourselves in isolation, we are interconnected and influence each other… none of us can do it alone.” Navah’s twists enlighten us all.



 December 10th, 2019 | 33 mins

#56: Understanding Menopause, a fresh take with Darcey Steinke, author of Flash Count Diary

On this week’s podcast, we speak with Darcey Steinke, author of Flash Count Diary: Menopause and the Vindication of Natural Life. When menopause hit, she set out on a quest to better understand what was happening to her body and her identity as a woman.  The result is an extraordinary memoir that is morethan personal.  It is a cultural quest to examine menopause through the lens of science, history, animal nature, and supernatural and patriarchal systems of belief.  For Darcey, hot flashes became a conduit toself-discovery.  Perhaps menopause is more than just a cluster of symptoms, but rather something vast and deep for us to experience.

Darcey is also the author of Easter Everywhere and five novels: Sister Golden Hair, Milk, Jesus Saves, Suicide Blonde, and Up Through the Water.


Flash Count Diary is available on Amazon or at your local book store.


 December 3rd, 2019 | 45 mins

#55: Boldly Quiet: How to lead with Lorraine McCamley

Early on in her corporate career Lorraine McCamley was identified as an introvert.  She thought she had to overcome this tendency in order to excel as a leader.  Eventually she realized that stereotypes don’t serve anyone.  Lorraine cultivated her own unique talents and strengths.   Shediscovered that there are many ways to have a voice, to be heard and to lead others.  Now shehelps other quiet professionals become successful leaders.  She is a coach and the author of a newbook, Boldly Quiet.  Listen as Lorraine enlightens us with her Boldy Quiet Manifesto, a pronouncement for all introverts who are leaders and leaders who are introverts.





 November 25th, 2019 | 44 mins

#54: Is Your Life Working?  Thoughts from Arlene Wanetick and Wilma Nachsin, the inspiration behind Chicago-based Life Working

On this week’s podcast, we speak with Wilma Nachsin and Arlene Wanetick co-founders of Life Working, a company that guides the process of career and job change. Arlene and Wilma believe in next chapters.  They invite us to imagine the difference that a new outlook on life, career or even just a new resume can make. They also share their own stories about what it’s like to start a business as women in their sixties.  Crazy, right?



 November 21st, 2019 | 38 mins

#53: Karanga, Ingrid Helander’s Mysterious Message in the Night

At the end of our last podcast Ingrid Helander told us she had a story to share. Well, we never pass up a good story. So we brought her back.  Listen, as Ingrid tells us of a message she received in the night and learn how it set her on a mysterious new path.




 November 19th, 2019 | 42 mins

#52: How to Calm Your Worries. Help from Ingrid Helander

Does it sometimes feel like your brain has been hijacked by a worry machine? On this week’s podcast we get help from Ingrid Helander, psychotherapist and author of CALM YOUR WORRIES: Unlock You Secret Code to Lasting Stress Relief and Self-Confidence. Ingrid gives us a new ways to understand our worries, and she helps with tips on how to relax and ease our nerves.




 November 12th, 2019 | 36 mins

#51: Consciousness Raising, a conversation with Ashton Applewhite.

This week, we had the distinct pleasure to speak with Ashton Applewhite, activist and author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism.  In this podcast, we engage in aconsciousness raising conversation about aging and the otherimplicit biases in our culture.  Applewhite asserts: “When we work against any form of oppression, we chip away at the fear and ignorance that underlie them all.” Please join us.  Listen to this inspirational activist on the front lines of changing how we look at aging.  It’s a conversation that’s right for today, a plot twist for all of us.  







 November 5th, 2019 | 50 mins

#50: What Are Your Strengths? with Carrie Skowronski

This week Carrie Skowronski talks to us about personal strengths, how to identify yours, and how to lead with them.  Carrie is an executive coach and the founder of Leadology.  She gives companies tools to build stronger leaders, and create positive, passionate workplaces.  Carrie is masterful at helping us understand our own strengths and shows us ways we can put them into action. She also says, “strengths never leave us, instead they ripen.”  And that’s good news for all of us.  





 October 29, 2019 | 44 mins

#49: Leap into the Extraordinary with Lottie Moore, Master Firewalker

There are many ways to change our mindset and get beyond our limitations.  But this week is quite the twist. Lottie Moore talks to us to her from her home in Oxfordshire, England.  At midlife, a low point in her life, Lottie picked up and moved to West Africa as part of a volunteer program. It was a leap.  But it put her on a path of self-discovery and adventure.  Now, she helps other mid-lifers take leaps into the extraordinary. She coaches while summiting the highest peaks in the world, creates fire rituals, trains firewalkers and encourages us all to walk paths less traveled.  Lottie’s mission is to help us all find personal freedom, success, adventure and inner peace.  She’s a lot of fun too.  




 October 22, 2019 | 49 mins

#48: What Can Only You Do? Finding purpose with Indrani Goradia.

This week we sat down with a true powerhouse, Indrani Goradia.  Indrani is a philanthropist and advocate for women’s health and empowerment.  As a victim of severe childhood abuse, she created Indrani’s Light Foundation, an organization committed to caring for survivors of domestic violence.  Her mission is to stop generational abuse and empower women to change their lives.  With her warmth, humor and honesty, Indrani shares with us how shefelt lost and unsure of her purpose in midlife when she was asked a simple question:  “What can only you do?”  This question and her answer startedher on a path that includes a TED Talk, a partnership with the global health organization PSI, an address to the World Women’s Health and Development Forum at the United Nations and a life filled with meaningful direction.



Talk Indrani Goradia addresses the United Nations


 October 15, 2019 | 62 mins

#47: Twisted Family Values with V.C. Chickering

This week we sat down with a real twister, V.C. Chickering.  She is the author of Twisted Family Values, a novel that spans fifty years and four generations, spinning a tale of privilege, dysfunction, family ties, and social taboo.  In V.C.’s books, and in her life, there are more than a few plot twists.  V.C. talks about the many roles she has played throughout her own life and shares how creativity and play have always been her main guides.  You don’t grow up in a home with a rotating mirror ball over the dining room table and not know how to play.  



“Twisted Family Values” by V.C. Chickering on Amazon

“Nookietown” by V.C. Chickering on Amazon


More V.C. Chickering:


V.C. Chickering on Facebook

V.C. Chickering on Instagram

V.C. Chickering on Twitter


Tori Erstwhile & The Montys:

Tori Erstwhile & The Montys on Youtube 

Tori Erstwhile & The Montys on Facebook  




 October 8, 2019 |  52 mins

#46:Tales from the Road with Betty Buckley

On this week’s Twisting the Plot podcast, we chat with the “Voice of Broadway.”  Betty Buckley, award-winning actress, with a decades-long career that has encompasses TV, film, stage, and concert work around the globetalks to us about her many plot twists. Betty sat down with us during the final week of a year tour as Dolly Levi in Hello, Dolly! We discuss the hard work, discipline and absolute delight she experiences when reaching deep and bringing to life new roles for the stage and screen.  As an actress, Betty is always twisting her plot, her voice, her body and her point of view.  As a woman she is relentless in her mission to keep evolving and growing.  Betty has released 16 solo albums and will be performing with her quartet in Costa Mesa and Beverly Hills this fall. She can currently be seen in the hit TV series “Preacher. We are so thrilled to share her wise musings with you.


See Betty live in concert at:

The Segerstrom Center of The Performing Arts in The Samuel Theatre Costa Mesa, CA. Featuring musical direction by Christian Jacob and a quartet of gifted musicians.
Oct. 17, 18 & 19 


The Saban Theatre Beverly Hill, CA. with an opening set by the brilliant Saxophonist Tom Scott. Featuring Musical Direction by Christian Jacob and a quartet of gifted musicians.

November 2.




 October 1, 2019 |  45 mins

#45: Jenny Velarde: Artist as Guide

Meet Jenny Velarde.  In her own words, she is a psychotherapist, and just as importantly, an artist.  According to Jenny, art isn’t a luxury, but both the means to survive and also to thrive. With Artist as Guide, Jenny offers us a toolbox of wisdom, practical application, and the opportunity to be the creator of our own potential.  



 September 24, 2019 |  39 mins

#44: Living in Two Worlds: with Dr. Michal Seligman

What happens when you don’t twist your plot, even in small ways?  Israeli-American Psychologist Michal Seligman talks about the influence of community on how we experience life and aging. We learn how immersion in another culture increases our flexibility and provides us with a deeper understanding of ourselves.



 September 17, 2019 |  55 mins

#43:Meaningful Communication Matters: Life lessons from La-Verna Fountain

“Underneath the communication is our place of connection.”  Listen to the unfolding story of La-Verna Fountain as she describes a lifetime of walking through doors and facing the challenges that greet her.  A black girl from a small town in rural Pennsylvania, La-Verna moves into a career of politics and embraces her life’s purpose. As founder and president of Meaningful Communication Matters, La-Verna makes it her business and her mission to help us all listen, really listen, and connect with one another.




 September 10, 2019 |  31 mins

#42: Magnificent Midlife with Rachel Lankester

She’s bashing negative stereotypes and helping us rethink what a postmenopausal woman can be and do.  We speak with Rachel Lankester, our plot-twisting sister from London. Rachel shares her story, discusses her beliefs and proclaims her mission to transform the way we approach aging and menopause.   




 August 6, 2019 |  36 mins

#41: The Gift of Aging:  It’s Now or Never.  A talk with Sonja Martineau

“I am not brave, I am doing what I must.” Hear Sonja’s story about how she is going after what she wants, including getting her BA at age 61.  It’s not easy.  There are many obstacles.  But “everything changes,” and so must she.


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 July 30, 2019 |  51 mins

#40: Understanding Intersectionality.  A lesson with Britton Williams.

What is Intersectionality? And why is it important?  We learn from Britton Williams about social-cultural identity, biases and how our multiple identities influence the way we age.  Britton is an educator, a creative arts therapist and a writer.  She is willing to enter these conversations with openness and curiosity.  She is also a wonderful storyteller.  So much fun, and so much wisdom.   Enjoy.


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 July 23, 2019 |  28 mins

#39: Changing Careers with Nicole Fanelli-Burke

Meet Nicole Fanelli-Burke, a self-described “Career Changer” and mother of three. Nicole tells us the story of waking up at 50 with the realization that she had “no more time to complain or wait” for what she wanted. Faced with many obstacles, Nicole shares how she has learned to move forward one step at a time. 


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 July 16, 2019 |  36 mins

#38: Renaissance Man a conversation with John-Richard Thompson

He’s traveled from Asia to South America.  He’s written books, plays and short stories.   He’s a life long learner.  Now his plot’s been twisted by an unexpected turn.  For all you who have asked “what about men and twisting the plot,” we bring you John-Richard Thompson. 


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 July 9, 2019 |  33 mins

#37: When Menopause Hits You Like a Brick Wall (and changes everything)

Listen to health and wellness coach Diana Bishop share how she let menopause be the catalyst to change her relationship with her body, her connections with others, and her sense of self.  “Let’s go,” she says to all of us, “our past can be our doom or provide us with the tools to learn and serve others.”  



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 July 2, 2019 |  31 mins

#36: Set Your Soul on Fire, with change maker Shae Sterrett

What do you get when you have twenty years of corporate experience combined with training in the Eastern arts of yoga, meditation and mindfulness?  You get Shae Sterrett, healer, community builder, and change maker.  Business. Body. Life. Made Better is her slogan.  



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 June 25, 2019 |  41 mins

#35: “She’s the Master of Disaster” with Deb Yeager

When hurricanes, tornados, and fires strike, hospitals, schools, and public facilities have to be ready. Deb Yeager has made a career helping organizations prepare for the unexpected disaster.  Now she has to prepare for her own unexpected twist.



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 June 18, 2019 |  46 mins

#34: What Women Want with Founder and CEO, Judy Goss

Cecilia and Hannah speak with Judy Goss, Founder and CEO of What Women Want Networking about her journey from Editor at More Magazine to creating a women’s networking organization.



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 June 11, 2019 |  39 mins

#33: Wisdom from the Middle with actress Lauri Landry

Cecilia and Hannah speak with actress Lauri Landry about what she has learned while in the “Belly of the beast” including to “let go and let angels catch you” and the importance of listening to yourself. 

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 June 6, 2019 |  9 mins

#32: Own Your Story Part 4: The Biology Of Story

Hannah and Cecilia talk about how our brains release cortisol and oxytocin into our bodies when we listen to and tell stories.  We are biologically wired for storytelling…..and drama.

Register Here

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 June 4, 2019 |  34 mins

#31: Everyone Has a Story to Tell with Nancy Kessler, Founder of Memoirs Plus

Hannah and Cecilia speak with Nancy Kessler, Founder of Memoirs Plus, about the importance of exploring your own story through the process of writing a memoir.



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 May 30, 2019 |  11 mins

#30: Own Your Story Part 3: The Crisis in the Middle

Cecilia and Hannah discuss how transitions, the creative process, and all stories have a middle.  And the middle is hard.

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 May 28, 2019 |  29 mins

#29: Positive Psychology, what research tells us about happiness and well-being with Emiliya Zhivotovskaya MAPP, PCC, ERYT

Cecilia and Hannah speak with Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, Founder and CEO of The Flourishing Center. Emiliya discusses how research in positive psychology provides a blueprint for increased happiness and well-being through purpose, connection and vitality.



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 May 23, 2019 |  12 mins

#28: Own your story 2: Complexity and Nuance

Hannah and Cecilia talk about the value of adding complexity to our stories.  Black and white stories may be easier and simple, but they don’t help us be resilient and live our lives fully.  There is no single feeling, there is no single interpretation, there is no single story.


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 May 21, 2019 |  27 mins

#27: No White Lies:  The easiest tough conversation you’ll ever have with Stephanie Omens, LCAT, LPC, RDT-BCT, 

Cecilia and Hannah speak with Stephanie Omens, an innovative psychotherapist who helps families convey difficult information to children of all ages.  Stephanie is the creator of NoWhiteLies: a therapeutic approach that uses captivating and unique stories to help children, parents, and grandparents understand catastrophe, and heal from loss and pain.



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 May 16, 2019 |  16 mins

#26: Own Your Story Part 1: A Life Review

Hannah and Cecilia discuss the value of reviewing your life so far.  We can’t change what happened, but we can see our experiences from a new lens.  Discover the possibilities of who you have already been, and get excited about who you can be next.  

Get a spot in our all day workshop Know Your Story, Own Your Story, past, present and future.  June 15th 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  NYC


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 May 14, 2019 |  36 mins

#25: The Formidable Claire Jolly.  We talk with the millennial artist about battling depression and her avatars for mental wellness.

Hannah and Cecilia speak with Claire Jolly, who just turned 29 and has found ways to overcome crippling depression and start to looking forward to her future.  Her secret weapon?   Art.  Claire explains how the process of making art helps her move through darkness.  She also tells (and shows) us her collection of mini sculptures that she calls The Formidables, avatars that personify the wise mind.



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 May 7, 2019 |  30 mins

#24: The Age Buster, a global perspective on aging with Stefania Medetti, Italian journalist and sociologist

Hannah and Cecilia speak with journalist Stefania Medetti, who moved to Thailand and discovered the surprising value of shifting one’s perspective.  It led her to create the fast-growing online magazine The Age Buster.


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 Apr 30, 2019 |  42 mins

#23: When Trauma is The Story, considering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Dr. Hadar Lubin

Cecilia and Hannah speak with psychiatrist Dr. Hadar Lubin about her decades of work on the conceptualization and treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Dr. Lubin is Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine, and Co-Director of the Post Traumatic Stress Center in New Haven CT.

Trauma-Centered Group Psychotherapy for Women: A Clinician’s Manual by Hadar Lubin and David Read Johnson

Principles and Techniques of Trauma-centered Psychotherapy by David Johnson, Ph.D. and Hadar Lubin, M.D.


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 Apr 23, 2019 |  47 mins

#22: Becoming a Work of Art with artist Lisa Abzun

Hannah and Cecilia speak with artist Lisa Abzun about being an artist, a community activist, and her decision to become a physical work of art.

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 Apr 15, 2019 |  40 mins

#21: Embeautyment.  What is your beauty narrative?

Hannah and Cecilia speak with Nicole Cichocki – hair stylist, consultant, coach, and creator of the Embeautyment Method which integrates wellness and beauty. The Embeautyment Method is changing the philosophy and practice of beauty.


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 Apr 11, 2019 |  10 mins

#20: Who Are You Becoming Part 4

The Obstacle is the Story. Turn your obstacles into strategies and let them be the map that guides you to your future self. 

 Join us on April 13th in NYC for our Workshop Who Are You Becoming. 

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 Apr 8, 2019 |  43 mins

#19: My Future Self

with Mia Szarvas

By changing how we see life over 50, we are paving the way for future generations of women. In this episode, Cecilia and Hannah speak with Mia Szarvas – an activist, artist, and millennial. Mia shares how imagining and falling in love with her future self at age 55 has changed her outlook on life and her future.

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 Apr 4, 2019 |  10 mins

#18: Who Are You Becoming Part 3

Yes, and… We ponder about the value of improvisation.  The craft of living without a script comes in handy after 50.  Improv builds the muscles to deal with uncertainty.  

 Join us on April 13th in NYC for our Workshop Who Are You Becoming. 

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 Apr 1, 2019 |  25 mins

#17: The Power of Shared Storytelling 

with Vera Trifunovish

Vera Trifunovich, Founder and President of Bare Breasted Against Breast Cancer, shares how her breast cancer diagnosis, the support she received, and her training as a Drama Therapist lead to the creation of Bare Breasted Against Breast Cancer.


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 Mar 28, 2019 |  10 mins

#16: Who Are You Becoming Part 2

Imagine this…and this…join us for a chat about the value of play and the imagination.  What is it? And why is it important for our future becoming? Plus, it’s “wicked fun.”

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 Mar 26, 2019 |   42 mins

#15: Open a New Window

with Carol Lucha Burns

It’s a blessing to have a mentor and role model who guides, encourages, and supports one in life. On this week’s podcast, Hannah and Cecilia speak with Carol Lucha Burns, their mentor, role model, and dear friend of over 40 years.

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 Mar 20, 2019 |  11 mins

#14: Who Are You Becoming Part 1: Fall in Love with Your Future Self

Wouldn’t it be great to love who you are becoming? Join us on April 13th in NYC for our Workshop Who Are You Becoming. 

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 Mar 19, 2019 |  32 mins

#13: Let’s Be Part of the Conversation

with Beth Granger

Women over 50 have lots to say and we need to be part of the conversation. Cecilia and Hannah speak with LinkedIn, Social Sales and Social Media Consultant Beth Granger about how to engage in social media and join in the conversation.

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 Mar 12, 2019 |  37 mins

#12: When Getting Old is Your Goal 

with Kim Galway

How would your thoughts about aging change if you were told that you might not grow old?  Hannah and Cecilia speak with Kim Galway about facing a life changing diagnosis and the importance of writing your own script on how to live your life.

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 Mar 6, 2019 |  12 mins

#11: Twist Your Mindset Part 4: The Psychology of Possibility 

Cecilia and Hannah discuss Ellen Langer’s 1979 ground breaking study which looked at “opening our minds to what’s possible, instead of presuming impossibility,” and was the basis for her book Counter Clockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility.

Dr. Ellen Langer is a Social Psychologist and professor at Harvard University. She is the author of eleven books and numerous research articles. She has written extensively on the illusion of control, mindful aging, stress decision-making, and health. 

Join us on March 9th in NYC for our Workshop Twist Your Mindset

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 Mar 5, 2019 |  42 mins

#10: Managing Your Emotions

with Erin Olivo, Ph.D

Emotions can overwhelm us and become the stumbling block to reaching our goals. Cecilia and Hannah speak with Dr. Erin Olivo, author of Wise Mind Living, about learning to manage the varied and intense emotions that come with life over 50.

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 Feb 27, 2019 |  12 mins

#9: Twist Your Mindset Part 4: Let’s Grow Together

True potential can never be known. Learn how creating a growth mindset persona will help you challenge yourself.  Embrace the not yet.  Join us on March 9th in NYC for our Workshop Twist Your Mindset

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 Feb 25, 2019 |  38 mins

#8: Old Friends, New Beginnings

with Suzanne Cornelius

Hannah and Cecilia talk with their long-time friend Suzanne Cornelius (whose nickname is Sza) about finding love and starting a new life after 50.

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 Feb 20, 2019 |   16 mins

#7: Twist Your Mindset Part 3: Meet Your Fixed Persona

The first step to twisting your mindset is to get familiar with your fixed thoughts.  Who is your fixed mindset persona? Join us on March 9th in NYC for our Workshop Twist Your Mindset

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 Feb 18, 2019 |  41 Mins

#6: Paris Days 

with Jane Emmer

Hannah and Cecilia speak with Jane Emmer, wife, mother, and passionate educator who specializes in working with children with diverse challenges. Jane shares how a trip to Paris helped her survive tragedy and loss.

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 Feb 13, 2019 |   14 mins

#5: Twist Your Mindset Part 2: Evolve with Curiosity

A fixed mindset is all about outcome.  A growth mindset is more about the process.  Learn how curiosity can make your mindset more flexibleJoin us on March 9th in NYC for our Workshop Twist Your Mindset

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 Feb 11, 2019 |  51 mins

#4: The Phoenix Rising: Menopausal Power

with Maria Dintino

Cecilia and Hannah explore the topic of menopause with Maria Dintino – a writer, educator, and a “slow-to-emerge feminist”. Maria shares her insights on menopause, her mission to recover her voice, and how she is transforming herself to make up for years of silence. 

Currently immersed in a work of creative nonfiction, she’s committed to projecting the voices of powerful women from throughout history and across the globe through her website nastywomenwriters.com, which she edits and contributes to along with her sister Theresa.

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 Feb 6, 2019  |  15 mins

#3: Mindset Part 1: Twist Your Mindset

How we think influences how we approach everything in our lives. Learning to question our automatic thoughts is the road to new possibilities. Join us on March 9th in NYC for our workshop Twist Your Mindset.

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 Feb 5, 2019  |  57 minutes

#2: The Solutions Are In You

with Kathy Hayes-Bloch, MSW

Hannah and Cecilia speak with Kathy Hayes-Bloch, MSW, about how her own experience with hypnosis twisted her plot professionally and how she uses hypnosis to help women access their inner strength and uncover their own solutions.

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 Jan 27, 2019  |  47 minutes

#1: A hand in the dark

with Marianne Franzese

Cecilia and Hannah speak with Marianne Franzese, mother, author, drama therapist, ceremonialist, and co-founder of Spark Elementary School. Marianne shares her inspired journey of transformation following the unexpected end of her marriage.

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 Jan 11, 2019  |  11 minutes

Trailer: Welcome to Twisting the Plot

Dr. Cecilia Dintino and Psychotherapist Hannah Murray Starobin tell the story of how they met and decided to start Twisting the Plot. Then they share their goal in starting the podcast; to expand the narrative, explore possibilities and create cultural change for women over 50.

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