New Futures for Older Clients: Psychotherapy as Art

New Futures for Older Clients: Psychotherapy as Art How do we help clients understand and navigate the experience of aging if we don’t understand it ourselves? Recently, at 61, I considered doing another round of therapy myself. My wish was to evolve, perhaps transcend. But all that was offered to me was more digging into my past to “figure things out.” I don’t want to figure out that which has already happened. I want to figure out what to do and who to be next. Beyond symptom amelioration, what is therapy for? Is it just to fix? And why does it seem to always turn to the past?

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What It Really Feels Like To Age Out Of Your Job

“Women often congratulate ourselves if we can get away with looking younger,” says Cecilia Dintino, assistant clinical professor of Psychology at Columbia University who, along with her longtime friend psychotherapist Hannah Murray Starobin, created Twisting the Plot, where they collect stories and hold workshops for women entering middle age who are grappling with issues of identity. “Doing so just reinforces the idea that getting older is negative.”

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The Age Buster

With Cecilia and Hannah, we had a very stimulating exchange of ideas. The result is a long read - so maybe you want to grab a cup of tea - but I hope you will find plenty of seeds to grow new perspectives.

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CoveyCast – EPISODE 89

“Women 50,60,70, 80 have already experienced so much uncertainty, have already had so many rugs pulled out from under our feet, that [we] know how to recreate and reinvent,” says Dr. Dintino, co-founder of (, a website and podcast that employs techniques borrowed from theater and art to help women answer the question of “What’s next?” In fact, Dintino and her co-founder Hannah Murray Starobin—who met each other in college and have been friends for 40 years--believe the coming "reboot, will require innovation…and getting out of the normative curve.” They are encouraging women to take on uniquely creative projects during the pandemic to bust out of the sense of invisibility and discover their true, inner-selves. “Be an outlier,” they tell Lesley Jane Seymour, founder of in this conversation. “Do something that wasn’t possible before."

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Magnificent Midlife – EPISODE 25

​These two are all about changing the unhelpful narratives we may hold dear and creating new stories for ourselves as we go through midlife and beyond. Anything is possible!

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The Flourishing Center – EPISODE 37

In this episode, Emiliya Zhivotovskaya CEO & Founder, The Flourishing Center highlights Dr. Cecilia Dintino, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology at Columbia University and Hannah Murray Starobin, licensed psychotherapist. If you’re at a stage in life where you’re asking what now, what next, and you’re wondering who it is you’re becoming – this episode is for you. Twisting the Plot is for you.

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Each week Dr. Cecilia Dintino and Psychotherapist Hannah Murray Starobin will speak with women who have twisted their plots and discovered that life after 50 can be filled with imagination, inspiration, laughter, and endless possibilities.

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