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How to Build a Midlife Worth Living

For years I have been teaching and coaching clients to use certain skills during painful times. Lately I've been teaching the skills to middle-aged women. Dialectical Behavior Therapy—DBT—is a solution-focused, active treatment with t …

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Attention Women Over 50: Something's Happening

Have you noticed? Everywhere you look, women, in particular older women, are starting to assert themselves, achieve power, apply their well-earned wisdom and take on positions of leadership. It’s happening in politics. It’s happening in...

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In search of my New Year’s Resolution

I hate making New Year’s resolutions. The minute I start thinking about making resolutions my internal voice begins chiming in with a litany of negative things I “should” be focused on. “You are too fat.”...

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Coming next, the book!

Twisting the Plot

How Women Over 50 Can Take Charge and Repurpose Their Lives

A handbook for a cultural revolution, one woman at a time.

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Each week Dr. Cecilia Dintino and Psychotherapist Hannah Murray Starobin will speak with women who have twisted their plots and discovered that life after 50 can be filled with imagination, inspiration, laughter, and endless possibilities.

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 Feb 18, 2019 |    

#6: Paris Days 

with Jane Emmer

Hannah and Cecilia speak with Jane Emmer, wife, mother, and passionate educator who specializes in working with children with diverse challenges. Jane shares how a trip to Paris helped her survive tragedy and loss.

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 Feb 13, 2019 |   14 mins

#5: Twist Your Mindset Part 2: Evolve with Curiosity

A fixed mindset is all about outcome.  A growth mindset is more about the process.  Learn how curiosity can make your mindset more flexibleJoin us on March 9th in NYC for our Workshop Twist Your Mindset

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 Feb 11, 2019 |  51 mins

#4: The Phoenix Rising: Menopausal Power

with Maria Dintino

Cecilia and Hannah explore the topic of menopause with Maria Dintino – a writer, educator, and a “slow-to-emerge feminist”. Maria shares her insights on menopause, her mission to recover her voice, and how she is transforming herself to make up for years of silence. 

Currently immersed in a work of creative nonfiction, she’s committed to projecting the voices of powerful women from throughout history and across the globe through her website, which she edits and contributes to along with her sister Theresa.

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 Feb 6, 2019  |  15 mins

#3: Mindset Part 1: Twist Your Mindset

How we think influences how we approach everything in our lives. Learning to question our automatic thoughts is the road to new possibilities. Join us on March 9th in NYC for our workshop Twist Your Mindset.

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 Feb 5, 2019  |  57 minutes

#2: The Solutions Are In You

with Kathy Hayes-Bloch, MSW

Hannah and Cecilia speak with Kathy Hayes-Bloch, MSW, about how her own experience with hypnosis twisted her plot professionally and how she uses hypnosis to help women access their inner strength and uncover their own solutions.

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 Jan 27, 2019  |  47 minutes

#1: A hand in the dark

with Marianne Franzese

Cecilia and Hannah speak with Marianne Franzese, mother, author, drama therapist, ceremonialist, and co-founder of Spark Elementary School. Marianne shares her inspired journey of transformation following the unexpected end of her marriage.

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