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How to Build a Future with New Potential

Karen sits in my office pounding her fist on the arm of her chair.  “This is not where my life was supposed to go.  It’s too late for me to do anything new.  I made some bad choices, in career and relationships, and at my age …

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How to Build a Midlife Worth Living

For years I have been teaching and coaching clients to use certain skills during painful times. Lately I've been teaching the skills to middle-aged women. Dialectical Behavior Therapy—DBT—is a solution-focused, active treatment with t …

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Attention Women Over 50: Something's Happening

Have you noticed? Everywhere you look, women, in particular older women, are starting to assert themselves, achieve power, apply their well-earned wisdom and take on positions of leadership. It’s happening in politics. It’s happening in...

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Coming next, the book!

Twisting the Plot

How Women Over 50 Can Take Charge and Repurpose Their Lives

A handbook for a cultural revolution, one woman at a time.

For book related inquiries contact:
Priya Doraswamy, Lotus Lane Literary,


Each week Dr. Cecilia Dintino and Psychotherapist Hannah Murray Starobin will speak with women who have twisted their plots and discovered that life after 50 can be filled with imagination, inspiration, laughter, and endless possibilities.

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