Owning your story: review, revise and diversify

June 15, 2019, 10AM – 5PM   New York    $495

Is it time to rewrite your story? Own your story before it owns you.

Is it time to rewrite your story? Invisibility and irrelevance are common grievances of women over 50. Yes, we do tend to fade away in our ageist culture, but the problem becomes even more serious when we become invisible to ourselves.

In this workshop we talk, write and share stories of our lives, past, current and future. Together we revisit parts of our stories in order to excavate themes and discover hidden gems. We will look at our stories from varied perspectives. Finally we will craft a re-story to launch us into a rich and diverse future.

Own your story before it owns you.

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Success stories

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The workshops were beautifully designed and gave way to real conversations and hilarious encounters that embraced both the depth and breadth of our collective wisdom. I, for the first time in a very long time, allowed myself to play and imagine and feel the promise of my inner calling. I came away with a new found courage to forge forward with the realization that women over 50 really do matter.

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The welcoming presence of the women at the workshop lessened my sense of isolation, a feeling I often have as a woman over 50.  I sat around a table with a collective of strong, accomplished and deeply thoughtful women engaging in a discussion and activities focused on change making.

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The name Twisting the Plot intrigued me because my plot has twisted several times, some twists by choice, others not my choosing. The workshop was both inspirational and empowering.  I look forward to the next workshop.  At this point in my life it is essential to draw upon the experiences and support of others.

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